Our Sports


At SLAM International sports are an integral part of our culture and our mission is to provide a world-class innovative training school to talented students interested in sports. Our philosophy is to foster each student’s intellectual, physical, emotional and social development, preparing them to become future leaders. That is why all of our students are encouraged to participate in a variety of sports, develop their athletic skills, and foster important life abilities such as resilience, leadership, discipline, teamwork, and humility. All students receive physical activity and sports plans that supplement their regular curriculum and have the opportunity to participate in competitive and non-competitive sports activities.

Our top athletes join in a special high performance program pioneer in Spain. This program is unique in its ability to evaluate the athletes’ needs and create customized itineraries to help them meet individual goals as professional athletes, fully improving their athletic skills on a physical, technical, tactical, mental and socio-affective level.

We have an innovative 360-degree sports view methodology that accompanies our young athletes in their daily life, which offers us input from the latest developments in neuroscience. This methodology is applied by our multidisciplinary team of accredited national and international coaches and sports specialists who empower our young athletes and provide them with the necessary support to thrive and grow in all aspects of life.

SLAM is constantly developing strategic partnerships with world-class sports institutions (foundations, sports clubs, federations and high-tech companies), such as Liverpool F.C. Students can interact with top athletes and renowned coaches who come to SLAM through these alliances to contribute their experience and provide support and advice to our work team.

Sports offered at SLAM International:

– Soccer.

– Basketball.

– Golf.

– Equestrian.

– Sailing.

– Volleyball.

– Indoor football.

– Handball.

– Swimming.

– Tennis.

– Paddle tennis.

– Rowing.

-Other sports.


Our Sports

During the school year, we hold weekday and weekend football matches, which are coordinated with the academic timetable of our students. Football players at SLAM School will be able to hone their skills through regular inter-team tournaments as well as friendly matches with federated teams in the communities of Madrid and Castilla León. Students also have the opportunity to travel abroad for international tournaments. 

We have qualified interim trainers and foreign coaches who visit the campus to impart their knowledge and techniques. Players are provided individual game analyses and evaluations of their technical and tactical skills. To ensure that they are in good physical condition, monthly physical tests and medical follow-ups are conducted.

What we organize:

  • A special pre-season competition for players from 14 to 17 years of age where Spanish or foreign clubs can come for a joint mini-pre-season. For several days, young people live together in training and competition. During this pre-season tournament, a clinic is held so that trainers can share their knowledge and experience for the general enrichment of students during the training process.
  • An international technification camp, with Spanish classes for foreigners. 


Our Sports

SLAM has an impressive covered pavilion with a basketball court of official dimensions


Our Sports

We make the Equestrian department available to students, from which initiatives have arisen such as the creation of the National Riding School (ENE) and its group of trainers, to lead the different training itineraries in the field of equestrian sport, the Spanish Association of Equestrian Professionals (ASEPE), that has been acting as a collegiate body to regulate equestrian trades within the sports professions and the creation of a National Catalogue of Levels of Competence in Equestrian Riding, as a pedagogical and didactic tool, to help equestrians in their training.


Our Sports

SLAM International offers a complete golf experience, with magnificent facilities in which we have, all within our campus:

– High Competition Center.

– Pitch & Putt Golf School of the highest level.

– 18-hole golf course.

Our High Competition Center directed by the prestigious coach Kiko Luna, combines academic activity with practical training 360º and the professionalization of golf by a multidisciplinary team formed by the best professionals in our country, with extensive experience as players on the circuit and as trainers at national and international levels.

To achieve maximum performance we have different areas to work the different aspects of the game:

– Long stroke-training area with trajectory tracking radars, real-time data analysis for club face angle at impact and swing plane path.

– Sensorimotor training area with biomechanics and biofeedback systems.

– Outdoor and Indoor Putting training area with Putting Laboratory.

– Short game and Pitch & Putt areas.

– Gym to work on the physical aspects.

We also count on Big Data technology to collect, analyze and improve our golfers’ performance.


Our elite athletes can combine their academic education and sports training with the participation in regional, national and international circuit tournaments throughout the year, being able to join the Castilla y León Golf National Team.

In addition, in our SLAM Pitch & Putt course we organize clinics, events and tournaments for all audiences that allow us to create a great meeting point in the region through the practice of golf.

SLAM is also working on the creation of a Chair of University Golf Studies, a pioneer in our country.


Our Sports

The Chair of Nautical Studies (CEN) has also proposed a training itinerary for nautical matters, which will culminate with a Bachelor’s degree in Recreational Nautical, a National Catalog of Proficiency Levels in Recreational Nautical and the proposal of the Spanish Association of Recreational Yachting Professionals, for better regulation and professionalization of recreational yachting in our country.

Students will be able to cover the theoretical-practical training stages from the last years of primary school (E.S.O) and first years of high school, joining their university education with an extensive background in navigation and all the approved official qualifications in nautical sports.


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