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SLAM School

SLAM School is an international educational institution for students between the ages of 11 and 18. At SLAM School, we embrace a personalized teaching model that helps our young people to discover what their abilities and talents are, so that they can develop them to the fullest.

SLAM School espouses an innovative and personalized approach to learning and self development. Students will undertake their middle- and high school studies according to the North American education system and graduate with an American High School Diploma. Alongside this, students have the choice to pursue other internationally recognized British accredited qualifications under our IVT (International Vocational Training) Program such as the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and Pearson BTEC diplomas.

In addition to the academic curriculum, SLAM School offers students specialized programs in sports, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) or performing arts fields based on their distinctive interests and talents. These programs have been rolled out in partnership with established institutions like the NBA, Liverpool Football Club International Academy, The Royal Academy of Dance and The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music.  

The language of instruction at SLAM School is English. Our students are thus required to be able to speak English with relative fluency. In addition to English, they will have Spanish Language classes and German will also be offered as an optional subject.


SLAM School

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to SLAM School. SLAM School wants, with this welcome message, to thank you for the trust you put in the only educational project in the world that nurtures the unique abilities of its students by developing personalized itineraries for each of them. This is the great strength of our project- to be able to discover your distinctive talents and provide you with support and counsel to help you fulfil your own potential for greatness.

Your education at SLAM School will culminate in the achievement of the American High School Diploma. Students may also pursue British accredited academic and vocational qualifications, which will align with their future higher education and career goals. For our students, this means a rigorous first-class education that will open the doors to the finest universities and equip them with the skills and knowledge to excel in the opportunities that await them. 

We are a truly internationally-minded school, where you will be able to be part of a close-knit community of students and teachers from all over the globe. Being exposed to different points of view as well as diverse cultures will not only enrich you but will endow you with a genuinely cosmopolitan perspective that will serve you well in becoming an outstanding global citizen who can shape and lead the world with humility. 

With SLAM School you will never walk alone. The lessons that you learn, personal growth you experience and meaningful relationships you establish will remain stored in the depths of your heart and keep you united to this institution for life. We thank you for choosing us and welcome you with open arms!

With warmest regards,

Bettina von den Steinen

Principal of SLAM School


SLAM School

Middle School Curriculum

SLAM Middle School is designed to provide students in grades seven and eight with a conducive environment in which they can learn, study, play and thrive. Students in the Middle School program are immersed in a close-knit community of passionate learners and are invited to participate in an exciting curriculum filled with educational field trips and opportunities for hands-on and experiential learning.

The middle school curriculum is as follows:

Grade 6

Language Arts 1

Mathematics 1

Grade 6 Science

Grade 6 Social Studies

Grade 7

Language Arts 2

Grade 7 Mathematics

Life Science

Grade 7 Civics

Grade 8

Language Arts 3

Grade 8 Mathematics

Grade 8 Earth Science

Grade 8 History of the United States

In grade eight, depending on the student profile, it may be possible to take a foreign language high school elective, which will be awarded as a high school credit. Students can also select from the middle school electives available:

  • Intensive Reading – Reader’s Journal (grade six elective) 
  • Personal Fitness elective 
  • Digital Citizenship elective 
  • Digital Storytelling elective 
  • Intro to Programming Using Scratch elective 
  • Theatre 1 elective 
  • Travel and Tourism elective 
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High School Curriculum

The SLAM High School Curriculum is comprised of a four-year curriculum designed to meet the requirements for admission to U.S. colleges and universities and other institutions of higher education in Spain, Europe and around the world. The purpose of the high school is to serve the interests and needs of students from grades nine to twelve as they prepare to continue their education and help them develop personal worth, dignity and a sense of responsibility to themselves and others. During the last years of school, our students are also encouraged to exercise their growing independence through academic, social and leadership opportunities, by taking advantage of small group travel in and around Spain and Europe. 

All students graduate with an accredited American High School Diploma if they earn a minimum of 24 credits. The 24 credit breakdown by grade is as follows: 

Grade 9

English 1

Algebra 1


US History

Physical Education/Health


Grade 10

English 2



World History

Foreign Language 


Grade 11

English 3

Algebra 2

Physics (or equivalent science)

American Government/Economics

Foreign Language 


Grade 12

English 4

Pre-Calculus/Calculus (or equivalent)





IVT Program

SLAM School offers various academic and vocational programs through our IVT (International Vocational Training) Program, rolled out in partnership with the educational institution, Campus FP. These programs are authorized by Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding body and OTHM qualifications, an awarding body regulated by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) in England. 

Pearson International GCSEs

For students aged 14+, we offer the Pearson International GCSEs (IGCSEs), globally recognised qualifications with academic content and assessment designed specifically for international learners. 

OTHM Level 3 Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies

Students aged 16+ (grades 11 and 12) have the option of taking the OTHM Level 3 Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies. It is designed to ensure that each learner is equipped with knowledge of study skills, mathematics, computing, society and culture, business and accounting, providing the knowledge and skills to adapt rapidly to change and progress with their learning. Successful completion of the Level 3 Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies provides learners with the opportunity to progress to further study or employment.

Pearson BTEC International Level 3

Students aged 16+ may also choose to take the BTEC (Business and Technical Education Council) International Level 3, a career-focused educational qualification that equips them with practical industry skills and theoretical knowledge of a given field. We currently offer the Pearson BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport, which is developed by Pearson in partnership with Liverpool Football Club International Academy and aimed at providing a pathway to careers in sport, fitness and physical activity. Students taking the full BTEC must take the classes for two years. Students not taking the full BTEC may take classes for two years or one year and may change courses at the end of first year.

The above OTHM and Pearson qualifications are fully recognized in the UK and Europe, and are widely acknowledged and respected by universities worldwide. Students will graduate with an OTHM qualification/BTEC Diploma that aligns closely with their ambitions and future university or career plans. Successful completion of the OTHM Level 3 Foundation Diploma for higher studies will allow students to access OTHM higher education diplomas at Level 4, 5, 6 and 7. Similarly, after completing a BTEC International Level 3, students may choose to pursue higher education with a BTEC Higher National qualification, which we offer at Level 4 and 5

Sports, STEAM and Arts Programs

The SLAM Arts Program consists of music and dance education. The program prepares students for further studies in both national and international performing arts but is also meant for any student who would like to learn music or dance for their own enjoyment and enrichment. Students who are interested in pursuing higher education in the arts and train to a professional level in the future, are able to obtain certifications/degrees from renowned art institutions we have partnered with- the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and the Royal Academy of Dance. Music students may specialize in piano, guitar, percussion, organ, singing, violin, viola, trombone, tuba, flute, clarinet, bassoon or saxophone. 

About our SLAM Arts Program Partners 

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) is the world's leading provider of music assessments and assessments by levels. It is a trusted body, respected by teachers and students around the world. ABRSM has over 100 years of experience and specialization in the field of music education and is supported by four of the UK's leading conservatories: the Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Music, Royal Northern College of Music and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. It offers examinations and assessments by level, a progressive framework aimed at measuring musical progress and lifelong learning. Graduate exams have recently gained recognition from the authorities regulating academic qualifications in the UK within the framework of the so-called "National Qualifications Framework".

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is a UK-based examination board specializing in dance education and training, with an emphasis on classical ballet. The RAD, founded in 1920 in the United Kingdom with the purpose of establishing the academic canon of dance, currently has more than 14,000 members worldwide and each year examines more than 250,000 students.


Co-curricular activities are a crucial part of meaningful holistic development and education. At SLAM School, students are highly encouraged to partake in a wide range of activities outside of the classroom that allows them the opportunity to explore their talents and develop new skills. This is why many of our co-curricular activities have been integrated into our curriculum, through our Sports, STEAM and Arts program.

Other co-curricular activities that we offer include: 

  • Robotics Club
  • Drone construction
  • Chess
  • Hiking
  • Rugby
  • Fencing


SLAM School

SLAM School offers students the possibility of pursuing their studies while staying at our boarding house within the Sierra de Guadarrama campus, located in the middle of nature. The boarding residence, overlooking a lake, is fully equipped with single, double or triple rooms and is separated into two different wings by sex.

Boarding is the best way for students to develop independence, foster responsibility, learn to manage their own time, help others and form strong and meaningful friendships. Through boarding, students benefit from the experience of being part of a compassionate and caring community that accords full support for their personal growth and development. 

Our residence provides full board as well as cleaning and laundry services, so that our students do not have to worry about these tasks during the school term and can enjoy a comfortable stay. Students are only expected to make their beds daily and keep order in their room and in the rest of the common facilities. 

Facilities and features of our boarding house: 

  • Cleaning service
  • Weekly laundry service
  • Wi-Fi service in all rooms (with access control according to age)
  • 24-hour surveillance 
  • Reception
  • Study rooms
  • Library
  • Dining room 
  • Flexible food menu, adapted to the nutritional needs of each student
  • Vending machines
  • Living room 
  • TV room 
  • Event room 
  • Swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Free parking


Aware of the need for parents and guardians to know first-hand how their child is doing, we have established a mentoring program that is aimed at the personal accompaniment of each of our students, during both school and non-school hours, including during their time of residence in our facilities on weekends. At SLAM School, the safety and well-being of students is paramount. Thus, assigned mentors monitor all aspects inside and outside of the classroom and are in permanent contact with families. They serve as a guardian to students and as a trusted link for families during the school year. 

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Weekend Activities

We recognize that apart from an academic education, experiences outside of the classroom play an integral part in helping our students broaden their minds and develop into well-rounded young individuals. With this in mind, SLAM School has designed a wide range of weekend activities that our boarders can partake in. 

These activities include field trips to Spanish cities with rich history and tradition, in order to acclimatize students to Spain’s unique corners and squares, visiting museums, cultural institutions and large companies, as well as other more fun and playful activities that take place outside of the school campus. Students will be permanently accompanied by their mentors during all weekend activities. 

Boarders who choose not to participate in weekend activities may enjoy their leisure time within the perimeters of the campus and are free to utilize the school’s sports and recreational facilities. 


SLAM School
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Admissions Criteria 

  • Prospective students must prove a level of English equivalent to at least B1 (European system) prior to their acceptance for levels K-7 to K-10 and a level equivalent to B2 for K-11 and K-12. However, it will not be necessary to have previous knowledge of Spanish.
  • Students participating in the High Sports Performance Program must be physically fit to start the program, which will be evaluated at the time of the interview, as well as have a medical certificate indicating that they do not suffer from any kind of illness that could cause irreversible physical harm. 
  • All students must come from a system of education duly accredited by the authorities of their country of origin and cannot suffer from any contagious disease upon arrival in Spain.
  • Finally, they must have a Spanish student visa for the duration of their studies in Spain.

Admissions Procedure

  1. Fill in the application form. Parents or legal guardians can fill out the admission form here. We will contact you to schedule an appointment for the interview and test.
  2. Request a visit to our campus or book an online consultation. Parents and legal guardians residing in Spain can visit our campus. You can do this via this form. For those outside of Spain, you may book an online consultation with us.
  3. Interview and assessment. The applicant’s parents or legal guardians will have an interview with the principal in-person or online (depending on place of residence). The applicant will also complete an English test in the case that he/she was unable to prove their level of English prior to the interview. A psychological and capacity assessment will also be completed, to help us evaluate the prospective student’s application.
  4. Submission of supporting documents. Applicants/parents must submit several supporting documents (identification document, previous school certificate(s), student visa etc.).
  5. Formalization of the registration. Once all the required documentation has been received, we will send the registration contract via email to the student’s parents or legal guardians, in which the description and amounts of each service contracted with the school will be detailed.
  6. Payment of the corresponding fees.
  7. Receive an official letter of admission. 

In the case that the candidate is offered a place, SLAM School provides all families with a personalized advisory service to help with relevant legal procedures and obtaining the student visa, as well as to carry out the necessary formalities in Spain before the immigration authorities, once the student is already enrolled at our school. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance.

The tuition fee for one academic year from September to June CONSULT.

This fee includes: 

  • Accommodation in our boarding house on a full-board basis (ten months) with four meals a day provided (breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner)
  • School fees, standard teaching expenses, laboratory and technology fees
  • Physical or digital books and teaching material
  • Full school uniform
  • Fees for external examinations (IB, SAT, ACT, IELTS, Oxford etc.)
  • An assigned monitor who will provide assistance 24 hours a day
  • Technological pack. Upon arrival at SLAM, the student will receive an electronic device appropriate to their age, controlled by an MDM system and with access to the SLAM technological ecosystem
  • Sports and leisure activities (some may incur additional costs)
  • Artistic material
  • Day trips, weekend cultural excursions, social events, banquets and scheduled celebrations
  • Electric bicycle to be able to move around the campus, for use during the school year
  • Liability and school insurance (accident insurance, health insurance and use of school nurse facility)
  • Pick up and drop off from/to Adolfo Suarez Barajas International Airport



The following programs:


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