Creating the optimal environment for high sports performance.  High Sporting Performance. 

At SLAM International, sports is an integral part of our culture. Our High Sports Performance program provides young people with the opportunity to be coached and trained on a path to elite level sport.


Shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Leadership.

We nurture young people into the leaders of tomorrow and strive to instil in them a sense of social responsibility so that they may positively impact the world with humility.


Developing talent in academics and the arts. High academic and artistic performance. 

Through our specialized programs, SLAM International offers a dedicated developmental path for young people with an interest and talent in STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics) areas and the performing arts.


Cultivating self-management and responsibility. Administration, management and leadership. 

Our students will be prepared to manage their own lives, embark on new adventures with intelligence and courage and excel in the opportunities that await them.

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Education Branches

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Main Partners

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SLAM School
SLAM School is an international education institution for students aged 11-18. At SLAM School, we espouse a unique model of personalized and holistic education where students pursue robust academic programs at the same time that they develop their talents and interests in sports, arts and STEAM areas.
SLAM Universities
SLAM Universities offer forward-looking Bachelor's and Master's level degrees as well as vocational qualifications.
SLAM Camps
Experience an authentic adventure at SLAM Camps, where you can engage in a variety of activities surrounded by the pristine nature of our campus located in the mountain range of Sierra de Guadarrama.


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