Elite sports program, unique in Spain

Meet our management team

Vicente del Bosque

Vicente del Bosque (Salamanca, December 23, 1950) is a name that resonates strongly in the world of soccer, not only for his impressive career as a player, but also and above all for his extraordinary career as a coach.

Under his leadership, the Spanish national team reached unprecedented heights, culminating in the conquest of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and Euro 2012.

In addition to his successes with the national team, Del Bosque’s club career is equally adorned with notable achievements, particularly his time at Real Madrid, where he led the team to two UEFA Champions League titles (1999-2000 and 2001-2002), two Spanish Ligas, and several other competitions.

Juan Fco. Fernández Muñoz

Technical director of the center.

Level 2 sports technician.

Multiple times Champion of Spain.

Double participation in the CJ World Championship.

Great experience in the training of pairs of horses in the junior categories.

National and international recognition in the training of horses.

Gallop Examiner by the RFHE.

Kiko Luna

Coach of the most outstanding Blume players: Azahra Muñoz, Belén Mozo, María Hernández, Nuria Iturrios, Noemí Jiménez, Natalia Escuriola, Álvaro Quirós, Jordi García, Carlos del Moral, Borja Etchart, Carlos Pigem, Jorge Campillo, Daniel Berna, Javier Colomo, Juan Sarasti, Emilio Cuartero, Ignacio Elvira, Adrián Otaegui, Mario Galiano, Scott Fernández, Ivan Cantero, Jon Rahn, among others.
Founder and Technical Director of Moon Masters Schools with more than 4000 students from 2000 to 2023.

What is S.E.S.?

SLAM ELITE SPORTS is a unique program that offers a personal development sports itinerary for young people with talent and interest in sports.


SLAM ELITE SPORTS (S.E.S.) was founded as an initiative of the educational group Grundstein Educational Management, which manages several schools in Spain, a university and has more than 7,700 Spanish and international students.


SLAM ELITE SPORTS (S.E.S.) is a forward-thinking institution with a philosophy that celebrates expression and discovery through a vibrant learning environment and customized programs tailored to each athlete, fostering talents, leadership, self-confidence and a sense of social responsibility.


At SLAM ELITE SPORTS (S.E.S.), we want to create a nurturing space where young people can pursue their individual interests and develop their full potential in whatever they choose to do.

Get to know our Campus of more than 20,000,000 square meters

Classroom Building
Equestrian Center
Golf Course
Golf School
Gym & Fencing
Multi-Sport Center & Indoor Pool
Paddle & Tennis Court
Soccer School
Student Residences
Swimming Pools


Swimming Pools 

Student Residences

Soccer School

Paddle & Tennis Court


Gym & Fencing

Golf School

Golf Course

Equestrian Center

Classroom Building

Multisport Centre & Indoor Pool

4 Soccer Fields

Hiking trails

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Water sports: sailing, cable skiing, canoeing...



Elite sports program, unique in Spain.

Official qualifications in soccer, horse riding, golf, sailing and other sports.

Open program for students to choose the discipline in which they want to specialize, once they have had a first contact.

Objective: to generate advantages and financial resources for educational centers.

Promotion and encouragement of the true values of sport in the education of boys and girls.

As well as, that students can discover other aspects of sport as a way of personal and professional life for their future.



Benefits for students

For students from 4th Primary to 4th ESO.
Program: from Monday (9h) to Friday (17h) where students will be picked up by a SLAM bus.
Once enrolled in the program, students will be governed by SLAM’s own style and will receive reports and qualifications for each sport they participate in.
They will have a specific schedule with the professionals of their sports, as well as complementary leisure and multi-adventure activities.
Students will attend SLAM’s facilities for a week from Monday to Friday each trimester and will have the support of a mentor to follow up on their school’s work.
After S.E.S. students will be eligible for a scholarship program.

Benefits for schools

The school will be able to improve its educational offer and increase its prestige, making SLAM Elite Sport an offer of its own.
SLAM will provide all the necessary material and documentation as SES prescribers, which will enhance the image of the schools by including them in the SLAM community.
Zone reservation: the school that obtains a minimum of 50 students will get a zone reservation agreed between the school and S.E.S.
Generation of financial resources for the school.

How to be an S.E.S. school?

What are the requirements to be part of the S.E.S. COMMUNITY?
The participation of the centers is free, we only need their involvement in the implementation of the S.E.S. project and to share that sport is a very important tool in education.

What resources does S.E.S. offer?

S.E.S. offers the following resources to affiliated schools:

First class facilities

A venue used by numerous professional teams of all sports, within a privileged and unique natural environment, as well as a location and excellent communications from anywhere in our country, MADRID airport, AVE station …. aliqua take me to sircoo. From the meadow ullamco what you design is the thing very bad.

Communication plan

From S.E.S. to inform of all the milestones that can be carried out in S.E.S. and in the educational centers jointly as well as the participation of important figures of professional sports in these programs.

Programmed activities

For all schools at national and international level, aimed at promoting the participation and the meeting between students from different regions and countries, in order to discover new skills, reinforcing the academic, sporting and personal training of the hand of the best professionals in each of the different sports disciplines.

Development of the Aula de Valores y Deporte project.

This will include work sessions where sportsmen and women will share their experiences with the students as well as reflections on their personal and professional lives.

Organization of tournaments and participation in competitions

What identification will S.E.S. schools have? In addition to the resources offered by S.E.S., schools will be able to call themselves S.E.S. schools with the right to use the S.E.S. logo on their communication materials.



To achieve an approach of the student body to the sport so that they can become interested in the specialization program.

Practical knowledge:

Handling and preparation of the horse foot to ground Necessary pre- and post-riding care Safety measures inside the enclosure Correct position during the development of the riding Handling technique inside and outside the arena.

Theoretical knowledge:

Theoretical bases on the horse and its way of life Necessary veterinary knowledge Appreciation of farrier needs Introduction to “Galopes” training Indispensable protocol within competitions Job opportunities and official training in the sector.



Once the student has decided to specialize, the student will advance in horsemanship to more technical and professional levels.

Practical knowledge:

Handling and preparation of the horse foot to ground Necessary pre- and post-riding care Safety measures inside the enclosure Correct position during the development of the riding Handling technique inside and outside the arena.

Theoretical knowledge:

Theoretical bases on the horse and its way of life Necessary veterinary knowledge Appreciation of farrier needs Introduction to “Galopes” training Indispensable protocol within competitions Job opportunities and official training in the sector.


For young people who want to start in this sport learning during a week all the basics of the different areas of the game, such as putting, short game and long stroke.

The course has a duration of 20

hours of classes:

  • Monday: Clinic with Kiko Luna.
  • Tuesday: Clinic short game and putt.
  • Wednesday: Long game clinic and outing to the
  • Par 3 course.
  • Thursday: Clinic short game and putt.
  • Friday: Long game clinic and
  • Par 3 championship.


For young people who want to improve their golf with the methodology used in the National Teams.

The course will work on all areas of the game such as putting, short game and long game, as well as golf-specific physical preparation, mental training and strategy on the course.

The course has a duration of 30 hours of classes:

  • Monday: Clinic with Kiko Luna.
  • Tuesday: Physical evaluation and long game clinic.
  • Out on the course, mental work and strategy.
  • Physical training.
  • Wednesday: Short game and putting clinic.
  • Outing to the course technical work and strategy.
  • Physical training.
  • Thursday: Specific training depending on the student.
  • Out on the course mental work and strategy.
  • Physical training.
  • Friday: 18 holes Championship.



Our goal is that the children live a unique experience through soccer with our technical staff, where they will learn

knowledge and skills necessary to continue progressing day by day.


The soccer training of the SLAM Elite Sport program will be under the supervision of professional soccer coaches and will apply the methodology of professional soccer clubs, among others, the Atletico de Madrid Academy.

Initiation Program

Our mission is to make all participants feel part of the world of soccer through the development of a set of theoretical and practical activities.

Improvement Program

The objective is to improve

of this sport through actions to improve individual and group technique, knowledge of more complex game situations, tactical situations and how to solve them and improve cognitive level in soccer.


First class facilities, natural and artificial grass soccer fields, gymnasium and material used in preseason by professional teams such as Atlético de Madrid, Getafe, Valladolid, national teams, etc.

Other disciplines

Slam Elite Sports encompasses many other sports disciplines such as Basketball, Sailing and Archery. Our program is meticulously designed to elevate athletic performance, combining advanced training techniques and a holistic approach to physical and mental development.

We understand that each sport presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. That’s why our team of expert coaches and sports performance specialists work closely with each athlete to customize their training, ensuring they reach their full potential.

At Slam Elite Sports, we don’t just seek to build champions; we strive to inspire confidence, foster teamwork and cultivate resilience.

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