SLAM (Sports, Leadership, Academics/Arts and Management) International is a unique educational institution which offers a dedicated development path for young people who display talent and interest in sports, performing arts and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). SLAM International was founded as an initiative of the educational group, Grundstein Educational Management (Grundstein Gestión Educativa), which manages multiple schools across Spain and has more than 7,700 Spanish and international students.

An institution of the future, SLAM espouses a holistic educational philosophy that celebrates expression and discovery. Through a vibrant learning environment and personalized education programs suited to each student, we aim to nurture students’ talents, leadership, self-confidence and sense of social responsibility. At SLAM International, we want to create a conducive space where young people can pursue their individual interests and realize their full potential in whatever they choose to do. 

SLAM International consists of SLAM Boot Camps, our series of boot camp programs for youths to develop their athletic and intellectual abilities, SLAM School, our international school for students aged 11-18 years old, and SLAM University, our university integrated with the school campus, which offers forward-looking postgraduate programs.


SLAM strives to be an internationally recognized institution of educational excellence that inspires talented young people in the sporting, artistic and academic world to flourish in life and be the best they can be.


SLAM nurtures the leaders of tomorrow and equips them with the tools to be able to positively impact the world with humility from adolescence to adulthood.


Juan Antonio Perteguer

Founder and CEO of SLAM International

uan Antonio Perteguer holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, a Diploma in Advanced Studies in Fuzzy Logic from the Complutense University of Madrid, a Master’s degree in Education from the IEEE (European Institute for Educational Studies) and a Diploma in Philosophy and Theology from the Sapientia Study Center.

He is the President of the Santo Tomás University Study Center, Director of the Master’s degree in Management of Catholic Educational Centers at Universidad San Pablo CEU, Vice President of the PDC International Education Alliance Council of China and advisor for the Vatican Foundation, renAIssance. He has been a professor for the Official University Master’s degree in Management of Educational Centers at the Rey Juan Carlos University.     

His current fields of research are: artificial intelligence, sustainability analytics and neuroscience applied to special needs education. He has participated in the creation of 42 educational centers across Spain and Latin America. Juan is the president of the DOM Foundation and the CEO and co-founder of SLAM International.

Enrique J. Martín

Founder and Managing Director of SLAM International

Enrique Martín is a prominent educational promoter and manager in Spain. He is a partner and administrator of the Universidad Católica a Distancia (UCADI), and founder and secretary of the Gaudium de Veritate Foundation, in addition to being a member of the Board of Directors of FACEPM and AEDHE. He is the creator of the educational model of several schools, including SLAM SCHOOL, Saint Thomas School, and Centro Universitario Santo Tomás, and has managed their construction, equipment and staffing, as well as corporate image and advertising.

He is founder and patron of several organizations, including Fundación DOM and Fundación Best Schule, and has promoted, advised and audited educational centers and companies in various regions of Spain.

Enrique Martín is a promoter, partner and administrator of several companies and organizations, including: UCADI (Universidad Católica a Distancia), COLEGIO SJE, PROMOCIÓN EDUCATIVA CAMINEROS S.L.U, GRUNDSTEIN GESTIÓN EDUCATIVA S.L.U and BEST SCHULE GESTIÓN EDUCATIVA S.A.

His extensive experience in the education sector and his ability to lead and promote projects make Enrique Martín a leading figure in education in Spain.