An Interview with the Founder of SLAM International

Interview with Juan Antonio Perteguer, Civil Engineer, PhD student in Artificial Intelligence, education expert, CEO and Co-founder of SLAM International, about the applications of artificial intelligence in education. Interviewer: How do you see the future of education? Perteguer: In a way we can say that without a good education there is no future. Education should […]

Five Reasons to Study Abroad in Spain

Studying in Spain means receiving a quality education and is a gateway into established academic institutions and some of the best universities with considerable international recognition. However, no institution in Spain offers the quality of SLAM International, which provides a truly internationally-minded education and a tailor-made journey for each student, based on his/her distinct talents […]

The NBA Partners with SLAM International to Develop Young Talents in Spain

27 October 2021 The NBA and SLAM International have announced a collaboration to host a series of basketball activities for students attending SLAM institutions and events. This makes SLAM International an Official Partner of the NBA in Spain. SLAM and the NBA jointly organize camps that teach the fundamentals of sport and will launch the […]

SLAM Receives the International Jean-Baptiste Say Award for the Best Educational Project

30 June 2021 The founders of SLAM International, Juan Antonio Perteguer and Enrique Martín, received the Jean-Baptiste Say award together with the Amancio Ortega Foundation and the Instituto de Empresa, among other established institutions. These awards, which recognize excellence, innovation and business leadership in Europe and Latin America, have been awarded in previous years to […]

Princess Nora of Liechtenstein Visits SLAM International

17 December 2019 Princess Nora, daughter of Prince Franz Joseph II of Liechtenstein and member of the International Olympic Committee, visited the SLAM International campus on Tuesday, December 10. The founders of SLAM International, Enrique Martín and Juan Antonio Perteguer, received the princess and accompanied her through the spectacular campus of more than 20 million […]

SLAM International Receives the NY AWARDS as the Best International Educational Project

21 November 2019 The promoters of SLAM Universities, Enrique Martín and Juan Antonio Perteguer, received the prestigious international award NY AWARDS 2019 for the best educational project at the NY SUMMIT event. This award has also been granted to leading institutions such as Real Madrid and the Luther King Foundation, as well as outstanding personalities […]