Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad: train your children in Spain

A difficult challenge for any student’s parents is weighing the pros and cons of having their children complete their studies in a foreign country. And the truth is that the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad vary depending on the destination country chosen.

Therefore, at Slam International we are going to review what are, in general, these advantages and disadvantages. And once these are known, we will see why Spain is an ideal country to study abroad.

Advantages of studying abroad

Why study abroad? These are the main advantages:

  • The student leaves his comfort zone and tutelage, so he learns to overcome by himself the difficulties and challenges that may appear in his daily routine.
  • They get to know other cultures and ways of understanding life.
  • Personal relationships are established, at an international level, which may be of great value in the future.
  • You quickly acquirea high level of knowledge of the foreign language and fluency in oral comprehension and expression.
  • The academic level can be equal or superior to that of the country of origin.

What are the possible disadvantages of having your children study abroad?

While the advantages of studying abroad are fully objective, there is only one disadvantage: the total cost of the educational process may be higher than in the country of origin.

However, the remaining disadvantages are subjective and the result of the objections of the parents or the students themselves. These subjective disadvantages include:

  • The fear that some negative event (such as an accident or illness) will occur in the host country.
  • Fear that the student will not adapt to the customs and usages of the foreign country.
  • Doubts about the academic level of the chosen country.
  • Fear of temporary separation from family and friends.

The good news is that these supposed disadvantages have no reason to exist if you choose a country that meets your expectations.

Why studying in Spain is a good option

And that is the case of Spain, a European nation that meets all the conditions for any student, regardless of their nationality, to shine in their studies and enjoy their stay in the country. Among the reasons to choose Spain as a country to study, we have:

A high quality and academically demanding educational system

Spain is home to some of the best colleges and universities on the European continent. In this regard, we add that at Slam International we have academic programs of the highest level, entirely taught in Spain and designed to adapt to the needs of students from other countries.

Excellent international connections

It is a member country of the European Union with all international connections, which makes it easy for students to visit other countries in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

In addition, the trip to the country of origin, whatever it may be, is a matter of hours; there are many daily air connections with the most distant countries, such as the USA or China.

A welcoming and diverse country, full of culture and tradition

A culturally diverse country with a rich history and multiple traditions. Studying in Spain allows international students to soak up this culture, in which Roman, Christian and even Arab roots intermingle and coexist. It is this cultural mix that makes Spaniards very welcoming to visitors from other countries.

Knowing how to speak Spanish is a competitive advantage

A thorough knowledge of Spanish is a plus in today’s world. It is the fourth most widely used language in the world, behind only English, Chinese and Hindi.

Around 550 million people use Spanish as their native language, not counting those who use it without being natives of Spain or Spanish-speaking countries.

Affordable cost of living

Compared to other European countries, the cost of daily life in Spain is very affordable. Therefore, if the aim is to reduce expenses as much as possible, this point must be taken into account.

Job opportunities

There are many opportunities for foreign students to access employment, either to obtain additional income or to complement their academic training.

In Spain there is a high demand for people with a good command of a foreign language. In this sense, English, Chinese, German and French are the most valued languages.

First level medical services

Spain is distinguished, at European and world level, for the excellence of its health care system. In case of illness or accident, foreign students will receive first class medical care, whether they use public or private health services.

A fully developed rule of law

Finally, we provide one last reason that makes Spain a first choice when it comes to studying abroad: it is a developed country whose rule of law guarantees the highest legal and personal security to any foreign citizen.

In the event of an incident or accident, the student from another country enjoys all the legal and procedural guarantees, without any risk of inappropriate behavior or arbitrary conduct on the part of the authorities.

Having described the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad, and especially in Spain, we add that at Slam International we have all the means to plan these future studies and carry out the procedures that make it possible to carry them out, including the management of accommodation and sports and socio-cultural activities.