American baccalaureate: advantages and disadvantages of studying in the U.S.

Traveling to the United States for a year or two to study for a bachelor’s degree brings many benefits, and no one doubts this. From the mastery of English to the interaction with new cultures and the learning that comes with the exchange on a personal level.

But did you know that all this can be found at SLAM School thanks to the American Baccalaureate? Without having to travel thousands of miles away, it takes place in the province of Segovia, just a few kilometers from Madrid. In addition, by enrolling in a program of this type you open the door to continue your studies in the United States, but from the university.

So, let’s talk about everything related to the American baccalaureate, its advantages and disadvantages, and why it is the perfect option for any student’s education.

How does the American baccalaureate work?

Our general credit baccalaureate program at SLAM School is the perfect choice for students who wish to apply to a U.S. university. It consists of NCAA-approved courses and is designed for student athletes who wish to apply to college in the U.S. along with an athletic scholarship.

The baccalaureate comprises six subject groups: Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Science, Mathematics, and the Arts; and as indicated by the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization), we can say that students who achieve this degree gain access to university and higher education at a higher rate than students who do not take these programs.

What options do we offer at SLAM School?

At SLAM School we try to provide solutions to families and students who are interested in the American High School Diploma, but for some reason do not decide to travel to the U.S. Our programs are fully accredited and develop a curriculum that ends with obtaining the U.S. High School Diploma.

In SLAM we offer the possibility of completing the American Baccalaureate, the most popular option is the full program of 24 credits, which has as a reward the accreditation of high school in the North American country. In addition to this training, we also offer the full academic year in the U.S., but outside of the U.S., studying from our facilities.

In addition to the academic curriculum, SLAM schools offer students specialized programs in sports, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Art) or artistic events, based on their interests and talents. These programs have been run in conjunction with established institutions such as the NBA, Liverpool Football Club International Academy, the Royal Academy of Dance and the Royal School of Music Associated Committee.

The language of instruction at SLAM schools is English. Therefore, we require our students to speak English, with relative fluency. In addition to English, they will have Spanish classes and German will be offered as an optional subject.

We implement quality curricula that aim to bring students closer to the educational culture in the U.S. and open doors in order to continue their education or look for interesting opportunities in the job market.

An approach to the U.S. educational system.

The American High School programs at SLAM School are focused on language promotion, because at the end of the day the USA is a potential employment market and a country where more than 330 million people live. After all, the U.S. is a potential employment market and a country where more than 330 million people live.

But beyond this, our focus is on training the leaders of the future in areas such as new technologies or leadership skills. If something is missing in the Spanish and European educational system, it is the constant support that students in the U.S. receive. In this country, it is common to offeropportunities to young people who excel in different sports disciplines through scholarships and other aid.

Therefore, at SLAM, we approach this idea by trying to connect young people with high potential in golf, soccer, equestrian or sailing. Outside of sports, however, we also focus our offer on students with talent in the arts.

With our American high school programs, students are confronted with a shocking cultural shock, as they share classes and leisure time with other young people from different countries and backgrounds. However, they do this in a setting that for many is friendlier than the U.S., and studying in Spain also offers other interesting advantages.

Why study the American Baccalaureate in Spain?

The American Baccalaureate is rewarded with an American School Baccalaureate Diploma and can be followed by further qualifications from accredited international British institutions under the IVT (International Vocational Training); programs such as the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and the Pearson BTEC Diploma.

For this reason alone, it is worthwhile to take an interest in programs of this type. But doing it in Spain also adds the advantage of living in a country with a high quality of life and with an important cultural, gastronomic and scenic richness.

Our country is a European power in the field of sports and has a very pleasant climate throughout most of the year. At the same time, the degree of interconnection with other territories is very high. SLAM School’s facilities are located just an hour away from Barajas International Airport, and the same is true of Madrid’s main railway stations and the center of the capital.

You already know what the American high school is , with its advantages and disadvantages. At SLAM School we try to focus on the positive aspects, offering children and teenagers a quality education that enhances their natural abilities and puts the focus on their personal growth.