On Wednesday, February 14, the students of Colegio San Juan Evangelista de Torrejón had a Masterclass at SLAM’s facilities with Don Vicente del Bosque, who since 2024 is already part of our team, in which they could ask him directly about sport and education, leaving us with memorable phrases such as the following:

“The education, training and the path you have in life depends on what you learn here. You are surrounded by the best teachers, and I join this group with the firm intention of contributing as much as possible for your benefit and with the good intention of doing things as well as possible.”

“I am convinced that the sport will not only bring you qualities, but also a positive attitude and the desire to collaborate and be generous with others to form a solid team.”

“We must demand the maximum of ourselves, behave correctly, pass on our knowledge and, at the same time, encourage the desire to learn. I am confident that the knowledge you acquire here and the training you receive will make you exceptional people.”