How to play golf like a pro

Severiano Ballesteros, José María Olazábal, Sergio García or, more recently, Jon Rahm. These are the great names of golf in Spain, but if we go to the great international figures we can mention Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods or Bobby Jones. This sport, so associated with luxury and high status, has become increasingly democratized over the years and therefore from SLAM International we want to teach you the keys to play golf like a pro.

What it takes to play golf

The above names are all men, as you can see, but this sport also has outstanding representatives such as Nancy Lopez, Annika Sorenstam or Lorena Ochoa. Many of these athletes, both men and women, were initiated in this modality by family tradition or by proximity to golf courses.

Be that as it may, in order to practice this sport it must be kept in mind that it is an activity that is not as accessible as other disciplines.

The first essential material is the clubs. Each one of them has its use, so to get started it will be enough with a driver with punch, a hybrid club, at least four irons (6, 8, Pitchin Wedge and Sand Wedge) and a putter for the final goals to the hole. Along with this, you should not forget the carry bag.

After the clubs come the balls. In this case it is time to choose the one that best suits your style of play. At first you can opt for cheaper balls, but as you gain skill you will need sets that offer greater precision. At this point, do not forget some tees, which are the pieces on which the balls are placed.

The third key element is clothing. In golf, etiquette dictates that you should wear tongs and a polo shirt. The pants can be short, but always above the knees. Women can also wear a skirt or dress, but without much flight and with culotte under this garment.

As for the polo shirt or T-shirt, always tucked inside the pants. Women can show the shoulders, but without wearing thin straps. In winter, men and women usually wear a thin sweater or a vest.

Finally, it is important not to forget the glove for the hand with which the ball is hit, plain colored socks and specific shoes to practice this sport. As for accessories, it is not a bad idea to wear a cap or a visor to protect yourself from the sun when throwing a pitch.

How to learn to play golf

Now that you know everything you need in terms of equipment, it is time to learn how to play golf. Many people think that this sport is difficult, but the truth is that the only requirement to advance in it is to put interest.

There is no precise time that serves to acquire a sufficient level, because it depends on the capabilities of each player. However, it usually takes from one to two months -with a lot of practice- to achieve a certain skill.

To accelerate this process, as we say, you have to put interest and desire. In almost all golf courses you can hire the services of professionals dedicated to teaching introductory golf courses. This is the best formula to know which club to choose for each stroke and to acquire a good command of them at the time of execution.

From there, and when you gain confidence, you should pay attention to your handicap, which is the parameter that measures your level. This is the number of extra goals that each player scores over the par of the course in a complete round.

The figure of a coach or instructor is key, as he or she will teach you the most effective postures to achieve success with your shots and some movements that will improve your technique. After this, you will be able to take practical tests that will be validated by the Federation and, if you wish, you will be able to become a member by paying an annual fee that includes medical insurance.

Learn to play golf with SLAM International

From SLAM International we encourage you to cover all this process from our facilities. We have a high competition center, an 18-hole golf course and a golf school of the highest level.

In charge of all this complex is the well-known coach Kiko Luna, who combines academic training with training in this sport. At SLAM we offer specific training areas for all types of strokes, a gym where you can work on your physical condition and even data analysis areas that will help you record your results and learning progress.

The idea is to bring together in the same space people who want to play golf as a leisure activity and other athletes looking to become professionals in this sport. The latter are offered the opportunity to participate in tournaments of the territorial, national and international circuit and join the Castilla y León Golf Team.

At the facilities we organize meetings to promote this sport, various events and tournaments and clinics that are meeting points for professionals and amateurs.

And finally, we are designing what will be the first university training as a specialized golf chair.

Playing golf is an activity that attracts millions of people. You just have to find the perfect place and the right instructors, as well as equip yourself in the right way. From SLAM International we encourage you to get to know our facilities and methodology. We are sure you will be hooked.