SLAM ELITE SPORTS: Shaping the Future of Sports for Young Talents

SLAM ELITE SPORTS (S.E.S.) has arrived on the sports scene as a revolutionary program that redefines the way young talents develop their skills and personality through sport.

This program, recently launched by SLAM, offers a multi-year pathway in which students can earn official accreditation in equestrian, golf, sailing or soccer.

Located in the stunning facilities of the Sierra de Guadarrama, S.E.S. offers a unique experience. During activity days, the center provides an environment conducive to learning, where students will be supported by dedicated teachers to continue their academic work.

What makes S.E.S. truly exceptional is its focus on formal training. Students can earn official qualifications in sports such as soccer, horseback riding, golf, sailing and basketball. This program not only fosters athletic development, but also focuses on instilling sports values in education.

S.E.S. is designed for students from 4th grade to 4th grade ESO, with Monday through Friday programs that include transportation. Schools that join S.E.S. enhance their educational offerings and become part of the SLAM community.

SLAM ELITE SPORTS represents an exciting opportunity for young talent to discover their true potential in sport and beyond. It is a journey of personal and athletic development that promises a bright future for those who participate.

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