SLAM International unveils its innovative projects: SLAM School, SLAM Elite Sports and SLAM Camps

In a highly relevant event that took place yesterday, SLAM INTERNATIONAL presented its ambitious project, led by Mr. Enrique Martín, Founder and CEO of the organization. Mr. Enrique Martín kicked off the event, highlighting the three cornerstones of this unprecedented initiative: SLAM School, SLAM Elite Sports and SLAM Camps, highlighting their global impact. This reach was evident in the numerous videos of support received from around the world, including the United States, Dubai, South Korea, Mexico, Portugal, Bermuda, China and Uganda.

The presentation was further enhanced by the intervention of Mr. Germán Robles, SLAM’s General Director of Sports, who gave a detailed outline of the sports program and introduced the sports directors in charge of disciplines such as golf, horse riding, soccer and sailing. Important professionals from the world of golf, such as Kiko Luna, and from the equestrian world, such as Irene García, both recognized professionals in their respective sports disciplines, took part in the event.

The event culminated with the inspiring participation of Ambassador Don Vicente del Bosque, who urged those present to seek excellence in programs such as SLAM, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive training in the field of sports and the transformative potential of the project worldwide.

This presentation marks a transcendental milestone in the world of sports, opening new opportunities and horizons for athletes and enthusiasts from all over the world under the auspices of SLAM International.