Why give your children a personalized education

The education sector is continually introducing changes to adapt the needs of students to the training and labor demands of society. The aim of these transformations is to provide students with sufficient tools to be able to cope with their personal and professional lives. A good scenario to implement all these ideas is achieved thanks to personalized education.

At SLAM, we try to attract young people with talent and interest in different disciplines. Our goal is to promote their leadership skills, their potential as students and their individual interests. With all this, they can become the leaders of the future.

How personalized education works

Personalized education or personalized learning is a teaching methodology based on providing training that focuses on the specific needs of each student. Students perform differentiated tasks according to their profiles, personal situations and capabilities.

It is a formula that dives into individualized education, with a strong reinforcement of the personalization of learning. The model tries to achieve a better adaptation in the internalization of knowledge. To this end, it is essential to provide students with the necessary resources at the right time.

In order to personalize learning, it is important to analyze each student individually with a thorough testing of their progress as a learner. This is the only way to determine the success of this system. Young people find in this system a formative path that changes as challenges are overcome and competencies are acquired.

At SLAM, we carry out these steps with personalized programs that help students gain self-confidence. Our idea is to create a nurturing space that helps young people pursue their individual interests and develop their full potential.

How do we interpret personalized education at SLAM?

SLAM stands for Sports, Leadership, Arts and Management. At our centers, we offer a wide variety of customized programs that seek to develop students’ talents in fields such as the performing arts, sports and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Currently, we have more than 7700 Spanish and international students, and we are present as an educational system in numerous schools throughout Spain. Through bootcamps designed for students between the ages of 11 and 18, we implement programs that allow young people to develop their athletic and intellectual skills.

In turn, once this educational stage is over, we also offer the SLAM University, which are facilities integrated to the school campus where postgraduate studies are taught. Our team is made up of more than a dozen professionals with extensive experience in education and personalized learning. All of them offer students a holistic and inspiring vision of education at all levels.

Benefits of personalizing your children's education

Personalized education is based on the idea that each individual is different and has his or her own concerns and learning pace, which leads to a different level of autonomy and freedom. Likewise, each student has a different social reality that surrounds him or her.

The purpose of personalizing learning is to assume that education is a much larger concept than teaching. It is vital to know and attend adequately to the students, to focus on their educational needs and to set individual objectives based on active methodological resources. This is the only way to obtain the benefits intended by this type of training.

At SLAM, we are aware that good personalized education programs help to detect the specific needs of each student. With these initiatives, students feel more valued and involved in their own training.

In addition, there is a greater degree of inclusiveness and equality in the classroom, student performance improves, and teachers get feedback that allows them to introduce aspects to improve the system from within.

Our system is closely linked to personal, academic and also athletic growth. We want to create great golf stars or top athletes in other disciplines such as sailing, soccer or equestrian sports.

Outside of sports, we do not neglect the world of art. And all this surrounded by other profiles with high capacities, so that this personalization of learning can be the passport to personal, social and professional growth.

Personalized education offers a novel scenario to the training sector. With this type of education, what is promoted is to encourage students to think and live by themselves, with a critical spirit and reinforcing their personal interests. All this from the strictest respect for freedom, leaving aside the idea of receiving knowledge and theories in an uncritical way to train future profiles that lead changes in society.