SLAM Elite Sports leads innovation at the “Articulating Sport” Congress in Madrid!

Madrid becomes the epicenter of the debate on joint health and optimal sports practice with the celebration of the 4th Congress “Articulating Sport” (#ARTICULANDO24), organized by the OAFI Foundation in collaboration with the Atlético de Madrid Foundation and the Spanish Olympic Committee. The event will take place from March 6-8 at the headquarters of the […]


DON VICENTE EL BOSQUE JOINS SLAM On Wednesday, February 14, the students of Colegio San Juan Evangelista de Torrejón had a Masterclass at SLAM’s facilities with Don Vicente del Bosque, who since 2024 is already part of our team, in which they could ask him directly about sport and education, leaving us with memorable phrases […]


Mr. Vicente del Bosque joins the educational group to which SLAM belongs A few days ago, we started the day last Thursday with an extraordinary addition: the famous former national soccer coach Vicente del Bosque, who went to one of the group’s centers to sign a collaboration agreement with the sports management of the educational […]

II Conference on Maternity and Sport – Spanish Olympic Committee

This Wednesday was held the second edition of the ‘Motherhood and Sport Day’ at the facilities of Slam International, an event organized by the Spanish Olympic Committee and the Junta de Castilla y León, with the aim of raising awareness, reflect and inform about the reconciliation between motherhood and sport. The day was inaugurated by […]

SLAM ELITE SPORTS: Shaping the Future of Sports for Young Talents

SLAM ELITE SPORTS (S.E.S.) has arrived on the sports scene as a revolutionary program that redefines the way young talents develop their skills and personality through sport. This program, recently launched by SLAM, offers a multi-year pathway in which students can earn official accreditation in equestrian, golf, sailing or soccer. Located in the stunning facilities […]

How to Prepare for College: A Guide for International Seniors

How to Prepare for College: A Guide for International Seniors The transition from high school to university can be an exciting but difficult time for international students. As you approach your senior year, it is crucial that you begin preparing for the next chapter of your educational journey. This comprehensive guide will provide you with […]

Internships at SLAM International: A unique experience for your personal and academic development

Internships at SLAM International: A unique experience for your personal and academic development In today’s competitive world, gaining practical experience is crucial for personal and academic growth. An internship offers a valuable opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-world environment, develop essential skills and establish industry contacts. SLAM International offers an exceptional internship programme […]

SLAM receives the Jean-Baptiste Say International Award for the Best Educational Project

The founders of SLAM International, Juan Antonio Perteguer and Enrique Martín, received the Jean-Baptiste Say award along with the Amancio Ortega Foundation and the Instituto de Empresa, among other well-known institutions. These prizes, which recognise excellence, innovation and business leadership in Europe and Latin America, have been awarded in previous years to such distinguished personalities […]